Creating Positive Change! The 21 Day Challenge to END BULLYING and Change the World!


What does it mean to be a Be The Game STRONGkid?
We provide the solution to bullying by focusing on acts of kindness, good deeds, paying it forward and making a difference! Our program is designed to condition the mindset of the  students to focus on good deeds, kindness, self respect and to respect others. We build their confidence, self-esteem and character through our interactive approach.
We are in the business of developing leadership within each student and child!
With our “21 DAY CHALLENGE” the students are helping to change the world!  We are changing lives while making our world a better place! 
We begin by speaking with each class individually about the wonderful journey they are about to embark on! 
We nominate “Team Leaders” in each class who encourage their classmates to complete their Acts of Kindness each day.  
We encourage the students to do at least one act of kindness every day for 21 days and studies show that by doing so, this conditions their mindset to continue to do so!
The students are truly changing the world!  The students write us a short paragraph for each act of kindness and we accept them with pride! Our first goal  is 1 million acts of kindness by students and families!
This leaves a lasting impression with the students and we welcome the parents to attend this moving discussion and journey when we meet at the final assembly.
Your school will receive a scrapbook with the letters within. This makes a wonderful piece to add to your school office and one the students can reflect on.
Each student who completes their 21 Day Challenge will receive a leadership certificate. Team Leaders will receive a “Platinum Leadership” Award for their efforts.
Our programs are available across Canada, and the USA.
We are also currently working on a CD that schools may order with our program for each class to participate in.
Who are we?  Meet Founder Joe Drexler and just some of his supporting cast:

“Joe Drexler, founder of BE THE GAME and BTG STRONG kids – An organization dedicated to making a difference in children’s life’s. Inspired by an act of kindness that bestowed upon him and his family, the torch was lit and Joe decided he was going to give back! Since BE THE GAME launched in 2008, Joe has dedicated his life to “building STRONG kids from the inside out” through his power of sport and BTG STRONG kids programs in schools.
Joe’s talks focus on building strong character, confidence and self-esteem in children through acts of kindness, paying it forward, and making a difference. The principles that Joe also teaches are leadership, passion, sportsmanship, positive energy, goal setting, healthy choices and friendships.

Professional Speaker
3 time Olympic Gold Medalist (2002, 2006, 2010)
5 time World Champion
Olympic Silver Medalist (1998)
Canadian Women’s Hockey Team 1997-2011
Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame
Harvard University Honours Graduate

We are supported by many professional athletes such as:

Milan Lucic -Boston Bruins, Marcus Foligno -Buffalo Sabres, Brian McGrattan -Nashville Predators, Akim Aliu -Calgary Flames and many more including community leaders and educators.

Here is what Milan Lucic of the Boston Bruins has to say about us:

Be the game is a great organization. Kids need to know there are people out there who care. People think that I am some big bad bully on the ice so why would I support an organization like this? Well THE TRUTH IS, WHAT I DO ON THE ICE is my livelihood. I am a paid professional! I STAND UP FOR MY TEAMMATES HOWEVER I STAND TALL AGAINST BULLYING IN SCHOOLS AND MINOR SPORTS! I WANT TO HELP MAKE SURE CYBER, SCHOOL AND ALL BULLYING IS ELIMINATED AND BE THE GAME AND THEIR PROGRAMS ARE A GREAT SOLUTION.
The rules that apply on the ice do not apply off the ice and especially don’t apply in the school yard.

Jennifer Botterill sharing some special times with the kids and her medals!
The kids LOVE this and so to does Jennifer 🙂

Here is what Marcus Foligno of the Buffalo Sabres has to say:

I am very happy to be apart of such a great team like BE THE GAME! It
is great to know that we have people in this world trying to help stop
bullying. Joe Drexler and his team have shined a lot of light on this
sensitive subject. Kids need to know that they are the solution! In
order to have success on a team or anything that involves working with
another person, you must be respectful and kind. Be a leader not a
follower, lets all stand up to bullying and lets all BE THE GAME!

Jennifer Botterill is a key addition to our team! With her expertise, leadership and sharing her story with the students, our programs are that much stronger!

When your students get to hold one of Jennifers gold medals, we find that this is truly an inspiring moment for them.

We would enjoy the opportunity to work with your school and students!

We are taking our program across Canada, the USA and World Wide. We are truly proud of what this represents towards positive change!

Kids helping kids is a main focus and we are very excited about this portion of our program.

We offer a fundraiser to each school that we help to manage from start to finish. We find that students love to wear their support.

We offer our program t-shirts and the kids just love them!

We are proudly supported by The 4 Life Foundation. To find out if your school qualifies for a subsidy towards our program, please inquire today.

****No school will ever be denied our program due to funding!****

Joe Drexler
Direct: 647-302-1101
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